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Preserving natural tooth structure is crucial to maintaining a strong and healthy smile. Luke Daining, DDS, restores teeth when they are damaged by decay, accidents, or any other oral health issues. Our dentist provides conservative care with the goal of protecting the smile’s natural function and beauty. We are committed to giving patients the best restorations possible and do so using premium materials and a trusted dental lab.

Do your teeth need repair? Do you have an ensuing toothache that requires treatment? Contact Crosspoint Dental Center in Lynnwood for treatments that restore function and aesthetics to your teeth. Those experiencing dental emergencies will be scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible.

Fully-Custom and Locally-Made

Dr. Daining is skilled in making sure patients’ restorations match their existing teeth or enhance their smile. With additional training in cosmetic treatments, he makes sure any fillings or crowns appear uniform. Made individually from quality materials, patients may trust that their treatment is tailored to the exact tooth or teeth that need to be repaired. All restorations are made in the U.S.A., in our own state of Washington, which guarantees craftsmanship that meets our high standards for aesthetics and durability. 

When patients are looking to restore their smile in a particular way, Dr. Daining listens. He offers patients a full breadth of options and collaborates with them to provide the treatments that best fulfill their wishes. 

Restoration Options in Lynnwood

Crosspoint Dental Center treats the many issues patients face including decay and dental damage which threaten healthy smile function. Whether a tooth requires extensive repair after being fractured or chipped, or root canal therapy is necessary to remove infectious bacteria. Our comprehensive care will result in a reconstructed tooth or teeth. The following are some of our restorative care options:

Composite fillings allow for simple and efficient cavity care. After the decay and bacteria have been addressed, this tooth-colored material fills the space, which protects the tooth from further decay. 

Porcelain crowns cover a larger area of the tooth to renew its structure and appearance. Trauma and decay can weaken a tooth until it needs extensive treatment, which is the only way to avoid extraction. Resilient to teeth staining and decay, porcelain crowns offer the most natural-looking restoration. 

Bridges are a cost-effective way to restore one or more missing teeth in a row. The replacements sit atop the gums and are attached to anchor teeth, which must be topped with a crown. It’s possible to attach these to dental implants, which offers additional oral health and aesthetic benefits. 

Dentures allow those undergoing full-mouth extraction to smile, speak, and chew again. Customized to each patient’s smile, they match complexion, teeth, and jaw size for a nearly ideal appearance. When attached to dental implants, dentures offer natural strength to the bite. 

Luke Daining, DDS, Restores Teeth to Full Beauty and Strength 

Call us for professional dental restorations that grant normal use, look, and feel to your smile. Our practice sees patients from Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and Mill Creek. 


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