Exceptional Crowns and Bridges in Lynnwood

Decayed, missing, or damaged teeth can affect the quality of your life. They can make your everyday routine painful and challenging. Crowns and bridges are great restorative dental solutions that will make your decayed or damaged tooth look new and replace gaps in the jaw with beautiful teeth. At Crosspoint Dental Center, we provide crowns and bridges in Lynnwood to restore your smile. We strive to help you achieve your dream smile and get back to your everyday life within the shortest time possible.

Our seasoned dentists have many years of experience providing dental crowns and bridges and will provide the quality dental care you deserve. You can count on us to provide a custom crown or bridge that's durable and beautiful. Contact our friendly staff at Crosspoint Dental Center to set up your first appointment.


What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth cap used in different dental procedures to cover the surface of a tooth. Our dental crowns in Lynnwood are made from durable materials that allow you to chew and smile normally again. Dental crowns are used where a significant part of the tooth is missing, usually due to injury, fractures, worn fillings, root canal therapy, or extensive decay.

Crowns are excellent choices for restoring your teeth and can be used in many ways, including:

  • Protecting and strengthening cracked teeth
  • Attaching a bridge
  • Rebuilding decayed or damaged teeth
  • Saving a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • Restoring fractured tooth
  • Completing dental implants
  • Enhancing a poorly shaped or permanently discolored tooth

What are Dental Bridges?

Lynnwood dental bridgesA dental bridge is a fixed restoration that replaces one or more missing or damaged teeth to improve your smile's aesthetics and functionality. With a bridge, up to three replacement teeth, called pontics, can be suspended between the supporting crowns. With a traditional bridge, the teeth on each side of the existing gap are used for attaching the bridge. Implant-supported bridges, on the other hand, rely on dental implants to support each end, leaving neighboring teeth unaffected. At Crosspoint Dental Center, our dentists will recommend a bridge for people who are missing one or more teeth.

Bridges are mainly made using porcelain, and they blend perfectly with natural teeth. A bridge helps fill gaps in the mouth left by missing teeth and prevents shifting or changing the position of the remaining teeth.

The Many Advantages of Lynnwood Dental Crowns and Bridges

Bridges can replace missing teeth and transform gaps in your smile that may look unappealing and affect your self-confidence. Lynnwood dental bridges also offer health benefits to patients, such as preventing jaw problems caused by incorrect bites owing to gaps between teeth. A bridge will also prevent gum disease and dental decay since food can be trapped inside dental gaps.

Our dental crowns cover the whole tooth and can hold cracked or fractured teeth in position, preventing additional damage. If you are uncomfortable because of badly cracked or broken teeth, a custom crown will restore your natural bite and make eating and speaking a more positive experience. Dental crowns in Lynnwood usually look and feel just like your natural teeth, and they don't require adding extra steps to your dental hygiene. Here are some of the benefits that both dental crowns and bridges offer:

  • They're matched to the color of your teeth
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • They improve the appearance of your mouth and teeth
  • They have a high rate of success
  • They're fairly cost-effective and typically covered by dental insurance

Caring for Your Crowns and Bridgework

dental crowns in LynnwoodLynnwood dental bridges and crowns need the same standard of care as your natural teeth. Your dental bridges or crowns will last longer with excellent oral hygiene practices. To reduce plaque buildup, you should brush your teeth twice every day. Flossing is also essential for dental crowns to avoid the accumulation of debris and excess plaque around the dental restoration.

When you have dental crowns or bridges, it is even more important to maintain your routine dental examinations and cleanings. You must also avoid using artificial or natural teeth as tools for opening packages or bottles. Some behaviors like clenching, grinding, or eating hard foods may damage your bridgework, crowns, and natural teeth. If you have a habit of clenching or grinding, visit our dentists at Crosspoint Dental Center to get customized protective solutions such as nightguards.

Transform Your Smile With Expert Crowns and Bridges in Lynnwood

If you are looking for Lynnwood dental crowns and bridges, our team at Crosspoint Dental Center has the expertise and experience to give you a beautiful smile you can show off to the world. Once you walk into our dental office, you can rest assured that you will be treated like family. Our dental staff works hard to make your time with our team as relaxing and pleasant as possible. We're proud to offer skilled and affordable dental care to improve your oral health and restore your smile. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with our seasoned dentists and achieve a healthy smile again.


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