Lynnwood Tooth Extractions - Molars & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Crosspoint Dental Center offers professional teeth extractions to patients in Lynnwood. Our dentist, Luke Daining, DDS, is experienced with extractions, making patients comfortable during their procedure, and providing post-extraction care that ensures proper healing. We are equipped to handle most teeth extractions, including wisdom teeth and molars. Besides Lynnwood, we serve patients from surrounding areas including Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, and Bothell.

Our practice welcomes new and returning patients for dental care. With our in-house teeth extractions, we keep your care convenient and up to our standards of care. To schedule an appointment with us, call today!

Dr. Luke Daining is experienced with Extractions

Patients trust Dr. Daining because of his experience. Throughout his residency at dental school, and when providing community service internationally, he has extracted teeth in a variety of unique situations, and doesn’t hesitate to treat almost any extraction case. If ever it is too complex, our dentist coordinates more intricate care with specialists committed to the same quality of treatment.

How Teeth Extractions Support Oral Health

To have stable oral health, teeth need to be healthy and free of decay. Sometimes, extensive trauma or advanced decay make root canal therapy ineffective, and extraction becomes the best treatment to address the threat of infection. By removing damaged, decayed teeth or infected teeth, patients are relieved of discomfort and more harmful issues are prevented.

Reasons for a tooth extraction

There are numerous situations in which a simple extraction can help alleviate pain or prepare you for another cosmetic or restorative procedure.  Some common reasons for extraction include:

  • Advanced periodontal disease that has loosened the tooth roots
  • Extra teeth or baby teeth that impede adult teeth
  • Preparing a patient for orthodontic treatment
  • Removing a fractured or malformed tooth
  • Severe tooth decay which cannot be remedied with root canal therapy 

Wisdom teeth development looks different for everyone, but extracting them can be crucial for oral health as well. These teeth often do not have enough room to grow in comfortably, causing pain and crowding. When they grow at odd angles or into other teeth, they can expose oral structures to bacteria. Dr. Daining provides teeth extraction, in certain situations, as a preventive procedure, protecting the health of surrounding teeth, gums, and the jawbone. Before we turn to extraction as a solution, we do all that we can to keep our patient’s natural teeth in their smile. 

Ensuring Comfort during Extraction Procedures

Our team is committed to improving our patients’ dental experience to make extractions as easy as possible. We address concerns and questions and tell patients exactly what they can expect. To eliminate discomfort, we take the time to properly anesthetize extraction sites. If patients are anxious or cannot be comfortable throughout the treatment we can use nitrous sedation ("laughing gas") or oral sedation. These safe methods of dental sedation put patients at ease and allow them to comfortably undergo teeth extraction.

Advanced Restorative Care

After extraction is complete, we often dress the site with a collagen membrane, which supports healing and improved esthetics. If adult teeth are extracted for oral health reasons, Dr. Daining can replace extracted teeth with dental implants. Dental implants provide a new foundation for permanent restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. Ask Dr. Daining about dental implants, and he will see if this treatment is right for you.

Contact Crosspoint Dental Center for Extraction Services

If you have toothaches, visible decay, or notice pain in the back of your jaw, call our practice today. We will diagnose the source of the issue and correct it with the appropriate treatments. When teeth extraction is necessary to address these issues, patients in Lynnwood can trust that it will be done with their comfort in mind. Schedule an appointment with us, today!


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