Friendly Family Dentistry in Lynnwood

Family friendly dentist in LynnwoodAt Crosspoint Dental Center, we offer comprehensive treatments and procedures to help you and your family achieve a lifetime of oral health. Dr. Luke Daining and his team are friendly and welcoming to all age groups. We know that each stage of life brings different challenges, and we offer the latest dental techniques to provide you the individualized care you need for a healthy smile.

You'll know from the moment you walk through our doors that our team cares about your oral health and emotional well-being. We do everything we can to alleviate any fear and anxiety and make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Our team also focuses on helping your child enjoy their dental visits. If you're looking for a family dentist in Lynnwood, we're the team you can trust to have the solutions your entire family needs to keep their smiles bright and healthy. Contact us today and let us give you the beautiful smile you deserve.


What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a professional concerned with treating your whole family, including your children and senior members. By caring for all your family at the same office, we can help you develop oral hygiene habits at home and keep watch for common dental issues between family members for better treatments. Our Lynnwood family dentist's top priority is providing services you can count on throughout your life and the lives of your family.

Children's Dental Care You Can Trust

Lynnwood childrens dental careOur goal is to be a place of safety and fun for your little ones. We know that many dental fears and anxieties are formed during childhood years and work hard to make visiting the dentist fun. By giving your child an office tour and getting to know them personally, our team builds a foundation of trust that can follow them throughout their lives.

During your child's visits, we will thoroughly examine and clean their teeth, demonstrate dental tools, and monitor the growth of their jaws. Our team wants to catch potential dental issues as quickly as possible to help prevent severe problems from developing in the future. The goal of our Lynnwood family dentist is to give your child the knowledge and habits to promote a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Reliable Dental Care for Teens

Some of the most significant changes in the development of your child's jaw and teeth will happen during their teen years. Our team closely monitors the final growth stage of their teeth and jaws to be proactive about treatment plans. By doing this, we can help prevent long-term dental health issues from developing and the need for more invasive procedures later in life.

Our team focuses on educating your teen about good oral hygiene to help them understand what they do significantly affects their smile as they mature. Should they need more complex procedures, we also partner with local specialists to ensure they get the care they require.

Gentle Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Our Lynnwood family dentist works hard to help you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. By regularly scheduling dental exams and cleanings, along with practicing good oral hygiene at home, we support your optimal oral health. From fillings to crowns to bridges, our team has the solutions you need to smile confidently.

As you mature, there are factors outside of your control that contribute to tooth decay or loss. Some of the issues result from:

  • Medications
  • Systemic Diseases
  • Dry Mouth
  • Age-Related Complications
  • Other Health-Related Issues

Our team is well-equipped to offer solutions for these problems and we offer the procedures needed to give you back a healthy smile. We thoroughly assess your condition and only offer the treatments we believe will be the most beneficial. Restoring the function and beauty of your smile is our top priority.

A Lynnwood Family Dentist You Can Rely On

Top-rated Lynnwood family dentistAt Crosspoint Dental Center, our goal is to always provide you with the comprehensive dental care you and your family can trust. By taking care of your entire family, we can diagnose common dental challenges and proactively watch out for those issues in your little ones to help prevent further complications.

From children to seniors, we offer treatments and procedures to solve your dental issues. Our team is non-judgmental and will respectfully treat any issue you may have. If you're looking for a family dentist in Lynnwood or one of our surrounding areas, Dr. Daining and his team are ready and able to serve your needs. Let us help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. Contact us today to set up your appointment!



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